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This list is not complete. Linked items have been reproduced here for your convenience. Contact the manufacturer for additional information or to obtain a copy of the bulletin. There may be other bulletins available. Contact ride manufacturer for latest information.

If you have a bulletin that is not on this list, please email it to

NAARSO Answer Man.

Use Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) if possible.
Try to make it as clear as possible and straight.


Bulletins listed below are in


 Adobe Acrobat format.

In order to view files, download Adobe Acrobat viewer here. After viewer is installed on your computer, click on one of the bulletins below and it will open in Acrobat format. Netscape users - In order to download any of the bulletins below, right click on file name and choose "save link as" and place file in directory of your choice. Follow similar instructions for Microsoft Internet Explorer and others.





A SAFETY ALERT from the Queensland Government regarding Trabant and Matterhorn style rides dated 10-22-2013 can be downloaded HERE!!!


 A Consumer Alert  from the CPSC regarding "DEADLY DANGERS with

 WATER WALKING BALLS" can be downloaded HERE!!!!!!!


Check out a notification by the State of California regarding potentially DEFECTIVE Structural Steel Tubing!!!


California Steel Notice Added 24 October 2007


Walt Disney World Co. California Screamin' exhaust valve Service Bulletin October 13, 2005

Redpoint and Auto-Belay Descender Stop Order April 13, 2005




Service Bulletin from ARM on the Super Shot  Ride  can be downloaded here

Arm Super Shot Bulletin 7-31-07.


Service Bulletin from ARM US regarding replacement of all over the shoulder restraints that are over 5 years old.

Skymaster / Highflyer Restraint Bulletin dated February 16, 2007.


MASS DPS Skymaster Notice Regarding over the shoulder restraint cracking dated August 10, 2006







Battech has issued a Bulletin regarding the Cliffhanger

Ride dated November 1, 2017. 


You can download Bulletin  SR-5K-1710-01-A HERE!!

You can download Bulletin  SR-5K-1710-02 HERE!!




Battech has issued a Bulletin regarding the Cliffhanger

Ride dated May 1, 2017. 


You can download the Bulletin HERE!!




Mandatory Safety Bulletin Musik Express ME0001 April 4, 2001 Wheel covers.





B&M has issued a Safety Bulletin regarding the Flying Coaster date


June 2016. You can download the bulletin HERE!!


Chance Rides Inc./Chance Rides Mfg., Inc.





Chance has issued a Safety Alert dated 28 July 2017 and a Safety

Bulletin Dated 1 August 2017 regarding the  Revolution style  rides. 


You can download  ALERT #A418CRM202-0 HERE!!

You can download Bulletin BULLETIN #B418CMR202-B HERE!!



NEWS!!!   Chance has issued a Bulletin regarding the Wipeout

Ride dated Jul7 6, 2017. 


You can download the Bulletin #201 HERE!!



Chance Has Issued A Service Bulletin Regarding Horse Hook

Retainers on their carousel rides dated February 4, 2016. 

You Can Download The Bulletin HERE!!


Chance Rides has issued the following Safety Bulletins on November 21, 2014 that can be downloaded at the following links.

Bulletin #191 Park Model Giant Wheel

Bulletin #192 Zipper

Bulletin #193 Portable Giant Wheel


A Bulletin from CRM regarding Chance Zumur rides dated 10-18-2013 can be downloaded HERE!!!

Chance/Morgan has released these two (2) Service Bulletins for Carousels Dated 5 Sept 2012 on Carousel Rides.  Check the Bulletins for affected models.


Chance Carousel Bulletin 174.pdf

Chance Carousel Bulletin 180.pdf


A Service Bulletin #171 on the Chance Sea Dragon Mandatory Boat Mast Inspection is available here for download. Here!!!


A Service Bulletin #163 on the Chance Century Wheel is available here for download.

Chance Century Wheel Bulletin #163


CRM has issued a new bulletin on the YO YO,  B376CRM146-BSweep Lift Cylinder Bearing Inspection Rework.  You can download it here!!  YoYo 9-8-08.pdf 


You can also Access the CPSC Recall Notice dated  8 October 2008 here!! 

CPSC YoYo Recall 10-8-2008.pdf


CRM has issued two new bulletins on April 9, 2008 on the CP Huntington Trains and the Zipper rides.

You can download them here!!

157 - CP Huntington Bulletin.pdf

156 - Zipper Bulletin.pdf

CRM has issued a new bulletin on the Pharaoh's Fury and two (2) new bulletins on the Slingshot rides.

You can download them here!!

155 - Chance Pharaoh's Fury Bulletin 4-2008.pdf

158 - Chance Slingshot Bulletin 3-31-08.pdf

159 - Chance Slingshot Bulletin 3-31-08.pdf


CRM has pointed out an outstanding Bulletin on Carousels manufactured by Chance that seems to have slipped through the cracks.


The lexan shields are required on any Chance carousel or Herschell Carousel that has been retrofitted to use the Chance pedestals in place of the original shotguns.


Check out the bulletin here...

Chance Carousel Bulletin 1115


Service Bulletin from Chance regarding passenger limitations on the Giant Wheel and Century Wheels rides can be downloaded here. 

Giant Wheel Bulletin #153 Century Wheel Bulletin #154


Two new bulletins on the Chaos

Chaos 138 and Chaos 148,  both dated October 12, 2006.


Chance YOYO Mandatory Lift Cylinder Inspection

Lift Cylinder Inspection March 17,2006.


C. P. Huntington Train Smoke Stack Heat Protection Bulletin

CP Huntington 12-5-05.pdf December 5, 2005


Bulletins, Field Inspection Guidelines, most manuals, etc. are now available for download free at http://www.rides.com/services.html Just apply for a user name and password and get them directly from the source!



Dartron Industries, Inc.




NEWS!!!  Three bulletins from Batech Enterprises LLC regarding their Zero Gravity rides dated 9-12-2013 can be downloaded here.

                   SR-5R-1309-01           SR-5R-1309-02            SR-5R-1309-02A


The Safety Bulletin  regarding the Cliffhanger Drag Link Adjustment can be downloaded HERE!!!!!!!


The Safety Bulletin  regarding the Cliffhanger Bearing Base Ear Reinforcement Plates dated 9 November 2010 can be downloaded HERE!!!!!!!


The Safety Bulletin  regarding the recent Cliffhanger Incident dated 13 September 2010 can be downloaded HERE!!!!!!!


A letter from Dartron regarding the recent Cliffhanger Incident can be downloaded HERE!!!!!


Dartron has issued a bulletin regarding the bearing base plate inspection on the Cliffhanger.  This bulletin will clarify the current requirements for the ride.

You can download it here!!   Cliffhanger Bearing Plate Inspection 9-12-2008


 Dartron has issued a bulletin regarding car bolt replacement on the Hurricane ride that must be completed by May 1, 2008.  Check it out Here!!


Check out this Announcement from Dartron Rides regarding the Cliffhanger and Zero Gravity Rides!!!   Dartron Announcement of Consolidation Added 24 October 2007


Product Improvement Bulletin Cliff Hanger Car Beds  dated January 7, 2007.


Mandatory Service Bulletin Cliff Hanger Bearing Block Cracks dated January 7, 2007.


Safety Bulletin Zero Gravity Strobe Light Covers  dated January 7, 2007.


Safety Bulletin Zero Gravity Hat Hardware 9-20-06  dated September 20, 2006


Product Improvement Bulletin PIB-5K-004 Cliff Hanger Spherical Bushing Retainer  dated May 16, 2006


Product Improvement Bulletin PIB-5K-005 Hanger Block Bushing and Safety Bolt Replacement dated May 12, 2006


Product Improvement Bulletin SR-5R-001 Upgrade Park Brake Mount


Annual Visual Inspection of Cliff Hanger   Safety Bulletin SR-5K-005 April 29, 2005

Bulletins for Cliff Hanger are available from Dartron Industries at http://www.dartronrides.com/cliffbull.html

SAFETY BULLETIN #RB-5S-01 Star Trooper safe racking and erection  August 14,


SERVICE BULLETIN #SB-5K-001 Cliff Hanger Bearing Base  May 1, 2004

PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT BULLETIN #PI-5K-003 Cliff Hanger March 14, 2004 Bearing Base Cracks

PRODUCT INFORMATION BULLETIN #PIB-5K-0204-001 Cliff Hanger February 27, 2004 and CPSC Bulletin March 1, 2004

SAFETY BULLETIN #SR-5K-002 Cliff Hanger January 23, 2004

SAFETY BULLETIN #SR-5K-003 Cliff Hanger January 27, 2004

SAFETY BULLETIN #SR-5K-004 Cliff Hanger January 27, 2004

SAFETY ALERT Bulletin #ST-01-01 StarTrooper Height/Signage Requirements  May 1, 2001

SAFETY ALERT Bulletin #SR-5K-001 Cliff Hanger Flow Control Valve  February 20, 2001

Bulletin # SR-5H-903 Pin Retainer May 22, 2000 - Hurricane Including rides manufactured by Frank Hrubetz & Co., Kilinski Mfg.Co. and Man-Co Mfg. Co. 1973 - 1991

Bulletin # SR-5H-004 Hurricane Height/Signage Requirements  June 1, 2000

Bulletin # SR-5H-005 Hurricane Lap Bar Release Shield  May 22, 2000


Eli Bridge Co.

Eli Bridge Safety Alerts, Bulletins & Notifications 1-31-2006.pdf  Package of Safety Alerts, Bulletins & Notifications from Eli Bridge Company dated 31 January 2006.  These are posted as a complete package.


Y-5 II Eagle 16 Double Eagle drive rim bolts NDT and lubrication requirement for HY-5 II Eagle 16 and Double Eagle Wheels October 7, 2005.

Safety Alert Bulletin No. 042304-1 Cracking of Swedge Sockets

Eagle and HY5-II Wheels April 23, 2004.

Safety Alert Bulletin No. 990609 June 9, 1999.



Extreme Engineering

Service Bulletin AB-34 and AB-44 Auto Belay Systems issued April 28, 2004.



Eyerly Aircraft


By Popular Demand Eyerly Rock O Plane Manual  EYERLY-ROCK O PLANE.pdf



Fabbri Amusements

The Safety Bulletin  regarding the Mandatory Replacement of the Main Slew Ring Bearings on the Fabbri Ranger / Kamikaze rides date September of  2010 can be downloaded HERE!!!!!


Mega Drop shoulder restraint cracking Bulletin & repair

FabbriMegaDropNotice Oct 2006.pdf dated October. 2006.



Foster Manufacturing Co.

Foster Bumper Boat Service Bulletins and Manuals Current information on Foster Bumper Boats and engines.


Gravity Works

Ejection Seat Bulletin July 26, 2000.



Great Coasters International, Inc.

Notification J03060214 dated June 2, 2003



Huss Rides

Bulletins, and most manuals are now available for download free at http://www.hussrides.com Just apply for a user name and password and get them directly from the source!






KMG has issued a Safety Alert regarding the Fireball ride dated 2 August 2017.  You can download it HERE!!!


KMG has issued a Manufacturer's Statement regarding the Fireball  ride incident date July 27, 2017.  You can download the statement HERE!!


A SAFETY NOTIFICATION from KMG regarding the proper loading procedures dated 15 October 2013 for the SPEED ride can be downloaded HERE!!!


A SERVICE BULLETIN from KMG regarding the Emergency Evacuation procedures dated 14 October 2013 for the SPEED ride can be downloaded HERE!!!


Service Bulletin from KMG requiring NDT testing on the Afterburner / Fireball rides dated 8 August 2007 can be downloaded here Fireball 8-07.pdf


Larson International




Larson has released a Bulletin regarding the Giant Loop rides

dated 12 July 2017 which can be downloaded  HERE!!


Larson has released a Bulletin regarding the Giant Loop rides

dated 30 January 2017 which can be downloaded here.


Larson Giant Loop Bulletin 1-30-17



Larson has released a Bulletin regarding certain Flying Scooter rides

 dated 13 December 2016 which can be downloaded here.


Larson Flying Scooter Bulletin 12-13-16




Larson has released a Bulletin regarding undercarriage cross tubes dated 31 October 2016 which can be downloaded here.


Larson Giant Loop Bulletin 10-31-16



2016 Bulletins From Larson International Regarding the Flying Scooter and Giant Loop rides can be downloaded here.


Flying Scooter Bulletin #L16-001 (E-Stop)

Flying Scooter Bulletin #L16-002 (Sweeps)

Flying Scooter Bulletin #l16-003 (Rider Restrictions)

Flying Scooter Bulletin #L16-004 (Corrosion Drain Holes)

Giant Loop Bulletin #L16-005 (Train Bolts)


Provided by Larson at the 2012 NAARSO Safety Forum

Sellner and Larson Service Bulletins & Maintenance Memos

Hi-Roller Track Connection Hardware Bulletin Hi-RollerTrackBolts9-15-06.pdf added September 30. 2006.


NEW Fire Ball Restraint Bumper Installation Bulletin L03-006.restraintbumper.pdf added July 12. 2006.


February 24, 2003 5 bulletins issued for Fire Ball, Hi Roller, Crazy Train, Ring of Fire, Super Loops. Available in pdf format at Larson International web site.



Majestic Manufacturing, Inc.


A bulletin from Majestic Mfg. regarding their Musik Express rides dated 8-27-2013 can be downloaded HERE!!!


Safety Alert regarding Majestic Musik Express rides dated 24 October 2012


Updated Majestic Bumper Car Speed and Seat Belts January 2005

Majestic Bumper Car Seat Belts October 22, 2001

Musik Express Aluminum Track Service Bulletin 2001-02 August 30, 2001

Musik Express Tub Bracket Assembly June 27, 2000


MaxFlight Corporation

MaxFlight Mandatory Service Bulletin 122004 Virtual Reality VR2000, VR2002, FS2000, VR2500, MT3000 - November 29, 2004

MaxFlight Safety Service Bulletin 2000400 April 13, 2000

MaxFlight Counterweight add on plate February 16, 2000

MaxFlight Hydraulic Restraint Actuator August 31, 2000



Moser Rides

Bulletins regarding Moser Spring Rides SR-8.5-0601 Revision A dated 9-6-06, SR-8.5-0602 dated 9-30-06 and SR-8.5-0603 Revision A dated  10-6-06.


The following bulletin was issued by NAFLIC (An independent UK organization available at http://www.naflic.org.uk/) in regards to Moser Spring Ride harness ratchets NAFLIC Moser Bulletin

Harness Device Maintenance Moser Spring 002 Rev1.pdf December 22, 2005


Harness Test Procedures Moser Spring 003.pdf December 22, 2005


Harness Limit Switch Maintenance Moser Spring Limit Switch.pdf December 22, 2005


Spring ride harness ratchet and springs

Spring ride hair guard bulletin. Hair Guard



O.D. Hopkins Associates, Inc.

River Raft Rides March 28, 2000.


Petzel Climbing Equipment

CPSC notification on recall of Petzel climbing carabiners CPSC Petzl Carabiner Recall.pdf dated October 18, 2006.



S & S Power, Inc.

Instructions and diagrams on required periodic maintenance and NDT testing for Frog Hopper rides. S&S Frog Hopper NDT


Newly received old bulletins Turbo Drop, Space Shot, Double Shot:


Brake Shock Retrofit No date provided

Wire Rope Maintenance October 28, 2002

Shear Pin October 28, 2002

Ride Safety Alert March 22, 2002



Shaller Enjuneering

Kiddie Kart fenders October 9, 2002.


Sellner Manufacturing, Inc.


Provided by Larson at the 2012 NAARSO Safettty Forum

Sellner and Larson Service Bulletins & Maintenance Memos


Spin Ride Traveling Fence  December 1, 2004.

Spin Ride Door Spring Cover  December 1, 2004.

Spin Ride Traveling Fence  April 22, 2004.

Minimum Height Reduced to 36 inches February 1, 2002.


Skycoaster, Inc.

Inspection of Lattice A-frame and Lattice Arch  October 5, 2004.

Inspection and Maintenance of Flight Bracket Catwalk and Support  May 28, 2004.



Service Bulletin  Turbo Force and Stratosphere tie rod failure September 14, 2004.


Technical Park


NEWS!!!   A SAFETY ALERT from Technical Park regarding their Gondola Wheels after the incident this summer in South America can be downloaded HERE!!!!!!


Tivoli Manufacturing Ltd./AmTech



Tivoli Mfg. Ltd. has issued an Updated Safety Bulletin regarding the Spinout type rides dated 7 August, 2017.   You can download the statement HERE!!


NAFLIC Bulletin regarding Orbiter lap bars Orbiter_NAFLIC added on November 27, 2006.

Safety Bulletin Spinout December 16, 2004 Installation of safety retaining key in removable sweep pins

Service Bulletin Spinout March 30, 2004 CPSC Sweep Inspection Requirement

Service Bulletin ORSA002A Orbiter March 30, 2004 Inspection of Top Center Area

Service Bulletin SOSA010 Spinout February 18, 2003 Installation of Gusset Plate on Vehicle Sweep

Service Bulletin SOSA008 January 16, 2003 Spinout Sweep Failure

Service Bulletin SOO010303Z January 3, 2003 Spinout Sweep Failure

Service Bulletin SCSR001 Originally dated July 14, 1997 Scorpion ratchet type lock mechanism.


U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission


See Tivoli Spinout Information above March 30, 2004

Illusive Skyfighter Support Rod NDT Revised August 2, 2000

Inflatable Amusement Rides Revised December 5, 2001

Inflatable Amusement Rides May 23, 2001

Australian Inflatable Hazard Alert March 14, 2001

Rock Wall and Climbing Walls Equipment Inspection and Cable Replacement August 4, 2003




A new Bulletin on the Vekoma Suspended Looping Coasters is available here for download.  VEKOMA_Suspended_Looping_Coaster.pdf



Vertical Reality

As a safety issue, please check the picture and ensure that you include this check with the daily check list before operating he wall. Pulley attachment photo

Rock Wall Petzl Carabineers July 01, 2004

Rock Wall Cable Replacement July 23, 2003


VISA International

Leveling bar failure "Mini Jet" November 21, 2002 In MS Word format





NEW!!! A SAFETY ALERT from Watkins Expo Wheel has been issued on


3 January 2014 regarding potential cracks on main axle components can be

downloaded HERE!!!


Wisdom Industries, Ltd.


NEW!!! Wisdom Has Issued Service Bulletins Regarding The Trap Doors On

 The Gravitron / Starship Rides Dated March and April of 2015. 

You Can Download The Bulletins At These Links:

Gravitron Trap Door Bulletin 25March2015

Gravitron Trap Door Bulletin 14April2015


The Wisdom Bulletins on the AVALANCHE style rides are available here for download.

Wisdom Avalanche Bulletin Feb 23, 2009




Service Bulletin from Wisdom on the Sizzler  Ride  can be downloaded here Sizzler Bulletin 8-01-07.


Service Bulletin from Wisdom regarding installation of sleeves on the seat spindle pipe.  Tornado Spindle Sleeves 1-6-07.pdf dated January 6, 2007.


Tornado Lift Arm Reinforcement 2-7-06.pdf


Tornado Cylinder Hinge Pins 2-7-06.pdf Added March 21, 2006


SizzlerBulletin2-6-06.pdf IMMEDIATE COMPLIANCE Sizzler Lap Bar Modification February 6, 2006 


Laser Ship Service Bulletin Laser Ship Sweep Inspection Procedure November 1, 2005

Sizzler Safety Alert Sizzler Safety Alert June 15, 2005

Foottub Bolt On Plate Assembly March 7, 2005 Official Wisdom response to PA concerns

The State of PA has sent out a Memo dated February 23, 2005 that contains concerns about Sizzler Amusement Rides. Download it here.

Another piece of information surfaces! Gravitron Rim Inspection and Repair dated February 11, 2004

CPSC Sizzler and Sizzler Deluxe Bulletin  CPSC Issues new Sizzler and Sizzler Deluxe Bulletin October 18, 2004 .

Sizzler Bulletin  Massachusetts Department of Public Safety issues Bulletin regarding Sizzler seat inspection

August 1994 Inspection Notice September 23, 2004

Foot Tub Bulletin   May 1997 Sizzler Foot Tub Bulletin September 27, 2004

Gravitron and Starship Updated Inspection Procedure June 1, 2004

New Drawings for Gravitron Bulletin Updated Inspection Procedure June 1, 2004

Gravitron and Starship Immediate Inspection Procedure April 12, 2004

Better Quality Gravitron and Starship but not as complete Immediate Inspection Procedure April 12, 2004

Adult Coaster Bulletin Adult Coaster Wheel Boggie Bulletin February 25, 2004

Tornado Main Seat Pipe Wear Bulletin February 24, 2004

Tornado/Whirlwind/Space Sled and Bolt info update Immediate Compliance,check torque main bearing attachment bolts March 31, 2003

Silver Streak sweep inspection April 22, 2002


Zamperla Inc.



Zamperla has released a Service Bulletin and Weekly Check List for all Mini Jet Rides manufactured prior to January of 1996.

They can be downloaded HERE!!!


A Service Bulletin on the Zamperla Jump Around is available here for download.

Zamperla Jumparaound Bulletin


Zamperla bulletin regarding mandatory inspection of the Power Surge sweeps for possible cracks can be downloaded here!!!  Power Surge 2008 PS01


Crazy Bus Drive Motor Brake Inspection Notification has been added dated October 17, 2008.


El Paso Locomotive Guarding  El Paso Train bulletin added dated November 9, 2006.


Zamperla Lolli Swing Service Bulletin 2001LS1 Sweep Arm Cracks - September 17, 2001

Zamperla Mini Tea Cup Service Bulletin 2000MT1 - October 9, 2000





Zierer - Wave Swinger

Very Latest Wave Swinger NDT and Maintenance Information.   October 27, 2005

Latest Wave Swinger Wear and Maintenance Information.   July 8, 2003

Wave Swinger Maintenance Directions   March 29, 2000


A Safety Bulletin from Zierer regarding the Wave Swinger Rides dated 17 December 2012 can be downloaded HERE!!!



National Association of

Amusement Ride  Safety Officials

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