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"Safety Through Communication"

Our History

In 1987, a small group of individuals consisting mostly of State Amusement Ride Inspectors gathered together with one shared commitment “Amusement Ride Safety”. The founding idea was that through communication and knowledge sharing, safety could be improved by disseminating individual experiences, observations and best practices throughout the amusement ride safety industry. Out of this initial meeting, the framework for the organization was born and NAARSO was organized and incorporated in 1987.
Since its founding, NAARSO has administered a total of 4355 Certifications, including 4046 – Inspector Certifications and 309 Operations Certifications. Over 200 individuals hold Certifications for both Inspections and Operations.

Our Mission

NAARSO is dedicated to the advancement of amusement ride and device safety through the doctrine of “SAFETY THROUGH COMMUNICATION”.

Organization Profile

  • NAARSO is a non-profit organization that provides education, training and other resources for amusement industry professionals dedicated to the safety of the industry and its patrons through programs such as an annual safety forum, outreach programs, and recently introduced online safety classes
  • NAARSO administers a certification program for amusement device inspectors and operators.
  • We are Amusement Ride Inspectors, Operators, Owners, Manufacturers, Jurisdictional Agencies, Insurance Companies, Private Consultants as well as safety professionals from amusement facilities and traveling shows.
  • Benefits of membership include – Newsletters, Membership Directory, Educational Programs, Up-to-Date listing of Ride Safety Bulletins, and access to the wealth of information and knowledge in the network of NAARSO members.

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