NAARSO’s certification examination program was started in 1994 and began providing certification designations for Inspectors. The program now offers examinations for:


  • INSPECTOR CERTIFICATION – Level I (Basic), Level II (Advanced), and Level III (SR) 
  • OPERATIONS CERTIFICATION – Level I (Basic), Level II (Advanced), and Level III (SR) 
  • Aquatic Operations Certifications – Level 1
Inspector certification may be required by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. Classes offered are reviewed and updated annually, offering those desiring certifications the ability to stay updated on the latest policies and best practices in the amusement industry. In addition, the annual safety seminar and other training classes provided throughout the year offer a great opportunity to network with others in the industry who may share the same questions and issues.

NAARSO’s certifications provide “Safety Through Communication” opportunities for Inspectors and Operators. For more information please click DOWNLOADS.

NAARSO Eye Examination Form

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