Ethics Policies

To ensure the integrity of the organization, all NAARSO members are required to strictly abide by the Code of Ethics.  Anyone, whether a Member of NAARSO or not, can report what they believe to be unethical action(s) by a NAARSO Member.The report must be submitted in writing to a NAARSO Board Member (including but not limited to the Chairman of the Board), the NAARSO Executive Director, or the NAARSO office. 
The matter is then referred to the Chair of the Constitution and Ethics Committee and a set procedure for investigation the report is followed.  Depending on the severity of a Member’s alleged wrongdoing, a violation can result in a warning, suspension of the Member’s NAARSO Membership and Certification(s), or permanent revocation of the Member’s NAARSO Membership and Certification(s).

NAARSO Code of Ethics

NAARSO Ethics Violations Complaint Procedure

Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy