Frequently Asked Questions

To become a member, simply click on the button located on our Home Screen or Membership tab. Membership is open to the public. “Membership in the Association shall be open to those involved in or concerned with amusement ride safety” as stated in our Constitution.

Effective 1/1/2021, NAARSO Certification Holders at all levels are required to maintain membership to remain in good standing.

NAARSO is a non-profit organization dedicated to Safety Through Communication in the amusement industry. As such, all Elected, Board and Committee positions are held by members volunteering their time and expertise. Each position holds a term of two years. For more information on elected positions, boards and committees, please review NAARSO’s Roles and Responsibilities Handbook.  Interested in joining a Board or Committee? Send an email to the NAARSO office and you’ll be contacted by the President or Committee/Board Chair.

Our fee schedule can be found on the Certifications page, and is updated to reflect any changes.

NAARSO’s Certification Program Rules details all certification exam requirements and certification renewal requirements. Please review the document for details.

All NAARSO hosted and NAARSO approved seminars will be listed on our Seminar page and Events Calendar.

NAARSO’s Annual Safety Forum, Outreach Programs and Online Training courses are created and presented by NAARSO Instructors and valid for certification renewal credit. Third Party Outreach Programs that are open to the public will have information posted on our Seminar page and Event Calendar. Questions regarding other training approved by NAARSO for certification purposes can be sent to the NAARSO office.

(Cert Board working on rules update – will direct to document)

(Cert Board working on rules update – will direct to document)

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