NAARSO Roles & Responsibilities

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    The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission of “Safety Through Communication,” its financial objectives and strategic plan. This individual provides leadership in developing programs, organizational and financial plans in conjunction with the Board of Directors and enforcing policies authorized by the Board.


    The NAARSO Office Administrator, under the guidance of the Executive Director, completes essential administrative tasks on a daily basis. Administrative tasks include, but are not limited to membership, certification, testing, renewals, correspondence, billing, scheduling, handling inquiries, compiling financial and other reports, and coordination of training activities and events.


    The Executive Committee is a standing committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Its purpose is to perform such functions as delegated to it by the Board of Directors.


    The President shall be directly accountable to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors in matters relating to the President’s position as set forth in the Constitution and/or By-Laws. The President ensures that the Executive Committee fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of the Association and preserves order within the organization. The President works in partnership with the Executive Director to achieve the mission of the Association and to optimize the relationship between the Executive Committee and staff.


    The Vice President assists the President in his/her activities and assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence; works closely with the President and leadership of the organization to create and pursue strategies to further the mission of the organization.


    The Secretary is responsible for the recording, dissemination and management  of the minutes for Executive Committee and Board of Director s meetings (including voting results) and other organization records; creating and disseminating meeting agendas; receiving additional nominations per the Constitution; mailing proposals to amend the Constitution and By-Laws and otherwise facilitating the orderly and timely conduct of meetings. 


    The Treasurer is charged with overseeing the management and reporting of an organization’s finances, including preparation of the budget, the annual audit of financial records, and compliance with sound accounting practices and required financial filings. He/she shall review financial statements and provide reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.



    The Chairperson of the Board of Directors is selected from the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees. He/she shall conduct the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board and shall serve as a member ex-officio of all committees. The Chairperson of the Board shall act as a liaison between the Executive Committee and the President to help ensure the Executive Committee’s directives and resolutions are carried out, and exercise and perform such other powers and duties as may be from time to time prescribed by the Executive Committee. He/she shall receive election voting ballots to tabulate along with Constitution/Ethics Chair, and will separately report the results simultaneously to the NAARSO Office Administrator and sitting NAARSO President.


    This committee will keep membership current on changes to ASTM standards and report on the same at the annual Safety Seminar. It will also report at bi-annual ASTM meetings and may develop classes on ASTM F24.


    This committee will produce, in conjunction with the Treasurer, an annual budget to be presented to the Board of Directors. It will monitor compliance with the approved budget. The audit function involves monitoring financial documents of the organization for accuracy and consistency with the budget. The committee will conduct an annual audit of the financial transactions of the organization and provide a report at the annual Board of Directors meeting.


    This committee consists of members who hold a minimum of a Level II NAARSO certification, per the Constitution, and is responsible for developing and applying criteria for eligibility for various certification levels, procedures for administering exams, and handling certification issues. These duties are all subject to the Board of Director’s approval.


    This committee will inform the Board of Directors and the membership on current codes and standards for amusement rides, including changes in jurisdictional requirements and enforcement. It will also provide direction and guidance for future training related to such codes and standards.


    This committee is responsible for seeing that the organization follows its Constitution, for recommending amendments to the Constitution, and for other Constitution-related assignments. In addition, it handles ethics complaints.


    The primary mission of the Education Committee is to develop and implement training that promotes the organization’s commitment to “Safety through Communication.”


    The goal of this committee is to ensure that all employees in the amusement ride and device industry have access to the most current and relevant safety information and to recommend updates and modernization to employee training.


    This committee promotes the benefits of NAARSO membership to all who are involved, directly and indirectly, with the amusement ride and device industry.


    This committee provides support and coordination for the hands-on training offered by NAARSO. It will report to the Board of Directors and membership on issues in the industry as they relate to each sector.


    This committee advises the Board of Directors in general, and specifically as to projects not completed in prior administrations.


    This committee is responsible for general outreach about NAARSO activities and responds to media inquiries.