Elected Officers/Staff

Position Name Email
Michael Wood
Vice President
Tony Rossi
Jeff Borba
James Graybeal
Executive Director
Len Cavalier
Office Administrator
Sherrie Kontos

Board of Directors

Position Name Email
ASTM Chairperson
John Riggleman
Budget & Audit Chairperson
Mike Neighbors
Certification Chairperson
Jonathan Brooks
Chairman of the Board
Gary Chubb
Codes & Standards Chairperson
Sonny Silva
Constitution & Ethics Chairperson
Heather Eichenbaum
Education Chairperson
John Hartman
Employee Safety Chairperson
Jeff Alberts
Membership Chairperson
John Rogers
Park & Carnivals (Carnival) Chairperson
Brian Creason
Park & Carnivals (Park) Chairperson
Brad Nesland
Past Presidents Chairperson
Rick Smith
PR/Social Media Chairperson
Chris Timber